List of ITF’s Valued Trustees

Khun Thanyaphat Choksirithananon is an influential Thai innovator who pioneered the establishment of the ‘Community Hub’ in Thailand. Her involvement in the development and provision of Thai legal services, particularly to those whom are disadvantaged and marginalised, was implemented in 2013.

Mr Chris Thatcher is a former UK school headmaster and is currently a Vice Chairman of the British Chambers of Commerce, Thailand. He is a leading figure in the expat community, and a vocal advocate for changes in the Thai education system, foreign business and social equality.

Khun Thongchai Chareonpol is a former special advisor to the Office of the Attorney General in Thailand. He was a contributory author in the drafting of various Thai legislation.

Phramaha Wattana Yasawattano is a Thai Monk and Mediation Master at the Dhammapadipa Temple in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mr Inderjit Dhaliwal is a legal advisor specialising in BME cultural integration.

Mr Renato Montoya is a Filipino lawyer. His field is Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) and sustainability.

Mr Christopher Spiers is an UK national business man located in Isaan. His emphasis is on children’s rights & labour standardisation.

Khun Phataradanai Kunkel is a Thai advocate in Transgenderism, immigration, statelessness & Human Rights. She is an experienced volunteer coordinator and events manager.

Mrs May Lai is a Hong Kong educationalist with a focus on women’s rights, discrimination, mediation and ASEAN affairs.

Mr Charles Kruse is an American retail CEO. He is an expert on various international & regional commercial projects involving financial transactions, supply chain & consumer affairs.

Mr Gregory Matteosian is an Amercian attorney located in Boston, Massachusetts. He has represented marginalised people regarding property & homelessness.

Mr Gus Pantino is an American Veteran whom is active in military affairs, disability rights and employment issues.

Mr John Lewis is ITF’s Company Secretary. An English-law solicitor who specialises in compliance, criminal and civil law.

Mr Ram Herkanaidu is an IT and communications specialist.

Ms Sirirat Bhumichit has experience in prison attendance, donations, fundraising and networking.