Four online safety and cyberbullying workshops were carried out in Roi Et which is in the north eastern part of Thailand. With the help of Roi Et Rajabhat University ( 83 students from three local schools took part in the workshops.

The purpose of the workshops was to raise awareness of issues around cyberbullying. Activities ranged from discussing good and bad things about the Internet, watching and reacting to a cyberbullying video and the practice of sati (mindfulness) and how it can help you cope if you are a victim of online bullies.

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Students agreed that cyberbullying happens a lot but they tend not to tell parents or teachers and only share what is happening to them with friends. This under reporting means that there is a lack of awareness among parents and teachers. Therefore the workshops have provided a good foundation for further workshops and awareness raising initiatives.

These workshops were facilitated by Plymouth University PhD researcher Ram Herkanaidu and independent educator Tharabun Khuchinda. It is part of a research project looking at effective online safety awareness for young people in less developed countries.

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